Monday, May 26, 2014

May 12, 2014

I'm sorry that this email this week is going to be a tiny bit shorter, but i've just spent quite a while emailing Carter and i'm running out of time.  

So this week I got a new companion.  his name is elder Sorenson, and he's awesome.  We have the same sense of humor, and things are always hilarious between us.  He also has Lindsey Sterling's album, which is awesome.  That would be something awesome to send me.  She's a member who plays the violin and got really big lately.  She also has an I'm a Mormon video, which is awesome, you should all watch it.  

I hope everyone is doing well, though dad said that Parker and Davis aren't feeling too well.  I'm sorry about that.  I hope everyone's feeling better by now.  

I love getting emails from you throughout the week, they're awesome to read.  

I also LOVED the package you sent.  Seriously, whoever was in charge of picking out the stuff inside it really knows me.  The hexbugs are awesome, I freaked out when I saw them.  That's the sort of thing that fills me with childlike wonder.  The day I got them, I built a soccer field for them out of legos on my desk, and now my companion and I will watch them play.  It's pretty awesome.  We're waiting to see if they'll gain sentience.  Thanks for the sleep mask as well, i was thinking of getting one but I couldn't make up my mind.  With the sleep mask and the earplugs, I can sleep anywhere now, and it's amazing.  The CD's were awesome as well.  

The work's been going great.  We got the son of one of our investigators interested and learning from us, so that was awesome.  We're working on getting the rest of our investigators moving.  They're kind of dragging their feet right now.  And one of them was trying to get a job on a riverboat casino, and we found out this week that she didn't get it.  Is it bad that we were sort of glad?  It just wouldn't be a good environment for her.  Or anyone.  

I promise I will send pictures next week.  I have some, I just forgot to bring the connector for the computer.  For my plaque, why not just use my profile picture on facebook?

For mothers day, we are going to a members home right after church, so I may be able to skype from there.  More likely than that, we'll go to the closest church building and skype from there.  Actually, i just talked to my companion, and we'll be going to the church building at 4:30 out time, which would be 2:30 for you.  I need your skype account information and your facetime information, just in case.  I'll also be able to email you on mothers day to figure it everything out for the call, so it shouldn't be a problem.  I don't know my skype account information yet, i need to get it from the Tech Elders (Which, by the way, is a new leadership position now that we have iPads.  How cool is that?)

I have to get going, but I wanted to end with some advice our mission president gave us:  "If you're ever nervous and don't know what to say, testify of the Prophet Joseph Smith."  I think this mostly applies to missionary work, but you could use it day to day life as well.  

Elder Jordan Morgan

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