Monday, January 12, 2015

It's a little bit cold...

So this week has been a bit better.  We found another new
investigator!  He is the coach of some of the young women in our ward,
and he was super impressed that they wouldn't play on sundays. See,
this is why it's so important to be good examples!  People notice
those sorts of things!  Even if they don't agree with your principles
entirely, people still respect someone that lives a principled life.
I think it's because they know deep down that they should be following
the Gospel as well.

I have a new companion!  He is from Murray, Utah. And he's super
white.  And super mormon. But he's also super nice and not judgmental
at all.
 He's only
been out for three months, so I'm still showing him a lot of stuff.
He works hard and is REALLY REALLY NICE.  LIKE, THE NICEST.  I only
emphasize this because I have had too much experience with elders
(never sisters) in my mission who are not super nice.  Just be nice to
people, ok?

Church has been awesome.  I finally got the games!  Thanks for that!
We are going to hang out with some church service missionaries today
and play them with them.  They are called the Thompsons, and they are
super awesome.  They're the ones that check our apartment.

We are also working with a less active member that wants to get the
Melchizedek priesthood and his patriarchal blessing!  That's awesome!

Also, we were with a young couple in our ward last night, and they
randomly slipped $25 dollars into a thing of food that they gave us.
We went back to make sure it wasn't a Technicolor Dreamcoat type test
of character, but they meant to do it.  So it looks like we're going
to Giordano's for lunch at some point! Awesome!  Also, this couple had
been thinking of moving to Vancouver, and I've pretty much got them

So speaking of that, I've reached that sad point of living in Illinois
long enough that 20 degrees is now "Warm."  I will send a picture of
the weather report for a couple of days ago.

Other than that, I haven't had a whole lot more happen this week. It's
been super fun!  I hope everyone else's week has been awesome!