Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I was hugged

Hello again family!

They actually moved our pday to today because they wanted us to proselyte on memorial day.  Make sure everyone knows that that's the reason I didn't email yesterday.  I don't want anyone to be all like "Oh no!  Jordan hates me!"  

We got locked out of our apartment again this week.  Luckily, we had installed some blinds on one of our bedroom windows and had left the window unlocked, so my companion hoisted me up there and I made a less than graceful entrance into the room.  It was pretty hilarious.  

We have an investigator preparing for baptism on the 7th!  He's super excited.  His wife has been a member for a while, and he's excited to be able to share this part of her life.  It'll be awesome when they can finally be sealed in the temple.  Also, he's just the coolest guy. 

One of our investigators hugged me this week.  He's 93 years old, so he gets the honor of being the oldest person I've ever hugged.  

If you've sent a package, I still haven't got it and probably until I go to the transfer meeting.  And we'll only go to that if one of us gets transferred, so we'll see.  Did you send those CD's?

Life has been good out here in Plainfield.  It's starting to get a little warm, and it gets really humid out here, so that's been fun.  It's fine, though.  I try to look on the positive side of things.  Like how walking is a ton of fun, and it burns calories!

So I've devised a puzzle for the family to solve.  You might need to post it on the family website if you're having trouble.  

A2, B4, C6, D8, E3, F1, G7, H5

_ _ _ _ _ _ (A six letter word)


Best of luck to you.  

I can't think of much else that has happened this week, but I also don't remember what happens to me all that well.  The days are starting to all roll together.  It's crazy to think that I'm a week away from 5 months.  That's crazy!  And when thinking about how there was a year in between four of those months, that's even crazier!  Time goes by so fast.  I'm working on paying more attention to the present, and savoring it, because in 20 years these will be "The good old days." So i'm trying to enjoy them while I'm in them.  

Make sure to pray every day, preferably morning and night, and really study the Book of Mormon every day.  Seriously, it will make your life so much better.  The Book of Mormon is a tool that God has given us to assist in our receiving of revelation, and it totally works.  Also, if you write down what God tells you, I've found that He's more willing to say more.  

Elder Jordan Morgan

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