Monday, June 9, 2014

Best Day of My Mission Yet!

Good Morning Family!

Sit down my friends and saddle your children on your laps, as I tell you the story of...


June 7, 2014

7:00 am- Elder Sorenson and I begin filling the font at the church.  It takes about 2 1/2 hours.  As per tradition, we watched The Phone Call on  It is super hilarious, and you should all watch it. 

9:30 am- Elder Sorenson and I successfully clean the font out with a pool skimmer of our own invention.

10:00 am- Jon's baptism.  It was super amazing!  We had one of our investigators come, as well as Jon's sister and mother, who are not members.  The spirit was super strong and our investigator had a fantastic time and is starting to open up more.  

12:00 pm- Jon invites us to Chili's to celebrate with he and his family.  Awesome. 

12:10 pm- The Zone Leaders stop us to give us something.  It was your package!  And what a package is was.  It was truly amazing.

12:15 pm- We find out that the Lindsey Stirling album you sent is not the one that we've listened to about 500 times, but is in fact her brand new one, Shatter Me.  And it is BOSS.  You should all listen to it.  

12:30 pm- Chili's.  We met another one of Jon's sisters, and we had a really good discussion with both of them.  

2:00 pm- We find out that the Professor Layton CD has a ton more music on it than we thought it would, and it was all AWESOME.  Whoever burned that, props to them. 

2:15 pm- We notice that one of the less actives in our ward who we have never gotten to meet with is having a garage sale.  We talk to her for about 20 minutes and set up a time to meet with her.  We also found out that she works for Monster Truck, and that she produces their television shows, which is like, one of my dream jobs.  I talked to her about how she got to that position, and it was super informative. She also gave us a lamp, which we needed, so that was awesome.

2:45 pm- We move a couch from Oswego to our apartment that a ward member wanted to donate to the mission.  There's something satisfying about successfully moving a couch in the truck. 

6:30 pm- We get to meet with a member who is becoming less active.  He is super awesome, and really funny.  We had a great time with him, and he got really excited about coming to church the next day.  

8:00 pm- We start dinner.  Today was transfer calls, so we had been waiting all day to hear from the assistants whether or not we would even be getting a call, and if so, what would be happening.

8:30 pm- We get a text from the assistants saying that we WILL be getting a transfer call.  

8:45 pm After much mourning, elder Sorenson figures out that we might not be getting transferred, but rather I might be getting called as district leader.  I find out that not only has he not been in a leadership position on his mission, he does not want to.  I tell him that that pretty much guarantees he's going to serve as district leader for his last transfer.  He disagrees.  We have a new hope.

9:00 pm- The phone rings.  It's President Fenn.  Elder Sorenson can't believe his eyes.  We talk to him, and he tells us that we're not being transferred and that Elder Sorenson is being made district leader.  I was freaking out, because I was totally right.  As soon as he hangs up the phone, I run to our study room and start blasting We Are the Champions.  Elder Sorenson remains chagrined, but happy that we get to stay together.  

10:30 pm- Bedtime.  The end of the greatest day of my mission ever.

It was pretty awesome. I'm not sure there could be a better day.  

How is everyone doing back home?  I have no idea what's going on back home.  Please email, family!  And thanks to those of you who do.  

I'm having the time of my life out here, and it's all because of my attitude.  Your attitude is one of the few things you truly have 100% control over, and it affects your outlook on life.  So be in a good mood!