Monday, September 15, 2014


Hello family!
Sorry about last week, we were having all sorts of computer troubles.  Things have been pretty crazy this transfer so far. I will attempt to explain:
So apparently there's some supervirus going around the midwest right now, and when I got here, my companion had it.  So we were stuck in the apartment for a week, and didn't really get much done.  We call it the VOID: Volcaninc Outburst of Impromptu Diarrhea.  It's pretty awful.  Anyway, we were all worried that I was going to get it, you know, because of the whole "Stay with your companion at all times" thing, but I was like "No, it'll be fine.  I'm Wolverine, I never get sick and I heal super quickly."  But then I totally got sick.  I got over it in a day, because like I said, I'm Wolverine.  The whole family is, frankly.  We never get sick.  It's pretty crazy. 
So my new companion is super awesome, and we totally get along.  It's been awesome.  We also have an aweomse mall in my new area.  It's the second largest in the United States.  And you can see the skyline from where we live, including the Sears Tower!  Or the willis tower, whatever it is now.  So that's pretty awesome.  That thing is huge. 
I loved the package that you guys sent, especially the quotes!  It was awesome.  I love things like that.  I've already decided that my last words are going to be "Rosebud."  It's going to be great. 
So how is everything going at home?  Mom said that you sent a package, so I should be getting that this wednesday.  We have a zone conference then, and that's when we get all our packages.  It's going to be awesome. 
So I just realized a couple of days ago that in a little less than three months, i will only have a year left on my mission.  What?  That's insane.  I sort of freaked out.  I was like "Where did all the time go?  Oh that's right, Plainfield ATE IT."  Not that I don't like Plainfield.  I like it a lot, and I want to visit it after my mission.  It just sort of took me by surprise. 
Speaking of that, when you're with the same person 24 hours a day, you get the opportunity to talk about EVERYTHING.  This leads to what my companion calls my "stoner moments," since i'm from Washington and we've gone ahead and legalized that herb.  Here are a couple of mine.  He's making a list:
(while eating with a bunch of missionaries) "We're all getting older.  AT THE SAME TIME."
"I'll never be able to take my fingers off.  Like, they'll always be attached to my hand."
"What if we got a fog machine for the car?  Then every time we opened the doors, it would be like 'fwoosh.'"
"You know what the best super power would be?  If you could launch your head off of your body on a spring, like a jack in the box.  I bet that would really freak people out." 
I don't know if I was always like this and I didn't talk to enough people, or if there's something in the air in Illinois, but it's been super fun.  My companion doesn't believe me when I say that I'm almost 22.  He thinks I'm really a little kid stuck in an adult body, Big style.  And he thinks that it's unfair that I got better faster than he did, because he eats pretty healthy, and the other morning I had Skittles for breakfast.  This is truly the life. 
I hope everything is going super well at home.  A mission is awesome, don't trade it for anything.  So many memories!  Like, so many. 
Elder Jordan Morgan