Thursday, April 23, 2015

I'm just now getting around to catching up Jordan's blog.  The most recent post is first--

April 20, 2015

Hey family!

So Adrian is getting baptized on the second, which is going to be
awesome. And then we have another investigator, Kendra, who is going
to get baptized soon as well. It's going to be great!

Our mission president goes home in two months, which is sad. We're all
going to miss him, but it'll be alright. The next mission president is
called of God as well.

I played basketball today. It was awful. I will stick to board games.

If anybody has some really hard puzzles, I would love to try them out.
Send them to me! Through email!


April 13, 2015

Hi family!

When we Skype, i'm going to have to show you my mad sign language
skills that I've developed in order to communicate with our
investigator who is deaf.  I'm not very good, but I'm getting there.
It's been super cool.

Yeah, so you might have heard about the tornadoes.  We get tornadoes
here.  They don't usually kill people, they just ruin everyone's day.
One of my friends area's is pretty much gone.  We didn't get anything
here but a bunch of hail and rain and thunder and lighting, though.

We had two people come to church!  It was super cool.  One of them was
a referral for the Hermanas.  He can speak pretty good english, but he
said he would be more comfortable in the spanish branch.  He's super
cool and we're super excited for him.  And then our deaf investigator

Other than that, there hasn't really been anything out of the
ordinary.  Just serving the Lord.  It's been great.  OH, we did get to
teach the restoration to new people twice this week.  They were both
member referrals, and as such, they are both awesome and solid.  It
was great.  And we got to teach one of the lessons in the members
home, which made a huge difference.  She's going to get baptized.  I
mean, she knows God is real and loves her personally because of an
experience she had when she was twelve IN THE WOODS.  Sound familiar?
It's going to be great.

Everything is awesome.  Make sure to help the missionaries in the
ward.  Isn't it exhilarating to know that they are there because the
Lord wants them to be there?  They are trusted by the Lord to be in
our ward, and it's super cool.


April 7, 2015

10 points to everyone that figured out that p day was moved to today.
Sorry about that, I totally forgot to tell anyone.  Although I did
remember to remind everybody else to tell all their families.  It was
pretty great.

So conference was great, of course. President Uchtdorf's talk about
humility and not seeking for the honors of man was awesome.  I'm going
to read it every single day.

We had something yesterday called the sacred grove experience. The
whole mission went to a park and president talked about the First
Vision, and then a bunch of people bore their testimony.  It was

This week was a little slow, but things are picking up.  It was mostly
slow because of conference.  That was a good chunk of our week.  And
then we spent all this time getting the ASL translation up for our
deaf investigator, and he ended up having to work.  Lame!  But not his
fault, so whatever.

I hope everything's going alright!  Have a good week!


March 30, 2015

Does anyone remember what the subject line is from? I hope so.

So this week has been pretty much the best ever.

On Monday I got Minecraft sheet music, courtesy of Mom. Awesome.

Then later this week we had exchanges, and I went with my awesome
district leader, who is the only person I've ever met to have heard of
Scott Pilgrim, Flight of the Conchords, and Homestar Runner. And then
elder Jackson and I found out that we are not being transferred, which
was awesome. And then our deaf investigator came to church and loved
it again. And then we saw our other investigator last night and were
able to put him on date and teach a very impromptu law of chastity
lesson, since he is living with his girlfriend, who is an inactive
member. Our poor member, he had no idea we were going to be teaching
that. WE had no idea, we just realized that if we were going to put
him on date, we needed to have that conversation. But he did a good
job. And then we found out that we're going to be getting a car full
time! And that they aren't closing the sisters area, so we don't have
to worry about that. It's just been awesome. Super awesome.

Our church is the only true Church of Christ in the earth and the only
church that can get us to the celestial kingdom. Also, make sure to
defend Joseph Smith. He's a prophet of the Lord, exactly like Noah or

Elder Jordan Morgan

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