Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"To Answer Your Questions..."

How things are going: Really good! I'm having a really good time. I'll
be sad when I have to come home. But also not, because you guys are
there! And because I want to move on with my life. And see that new
Tomorrowland movie. My mission has been awesome. Obviously not every
part had been everything sunny all the time always, but as a whole
it's been wonderful.

My new area: Much more ghetto than my last one. Which is a good thing.
It's been great.

My new companion: Elder Jackson. He's super awesome. Chill, but a good
worker, which is a good combination. He also had a good sense of
humor. I showed him how to solve a rubies cube. He also really likes
puzzles. Speaking of which, are the clues for big Bertha and little
Bertha up yet?

Is it getting warmer: YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS. Finally! It was 52° yesterday!
It was amazing. I don't even need to see Frozen anymore, because I've
already lived it. Winter went on forever. It was below zero almost
every night, and in the single digits most days.

 Missionaries dating? I think that's funny. My mission president actively encourages
the missionaries from his mission to get married to each other. That
way he only has to go to half as many weddings.

And if dad doesn't want me dating a sister from here, then he needs to
pray that I don't become an AP. Seriously, they are ALL getting
married to the sister training leaders. It's been a little ridiculous.


"They needed a King Benjamin.  My companion volunteered me..."

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