Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Leif Erickson Day

Actually, it's not. It's on October 9th. Yep. It's totally a real
holiday. Prepare to celebrate.

Hi everyone!

This week went by really, really fast.  Probably because we've been
super busy.  We have an investigator!  She investigated a couple of
years ago, but quit because she thought that we were the FLDS church
and that Thomas S. Monson was Charles Manson.  So yeah, that happened.
She missed her last appointment, but is seriously considering getting

We had our Christmas fireside a the mission home!  Santa came!  And
gave us presents!  Well, the ones our families had sent.  But still!
And then we got to hear President Fenn talk about the Christmas story.
Everyone needs to fix their nativity scenes, because they aren't
doctrinally correct.  It's way too nice looking.  The real stable was
more like a cave, and it was disgusting, which symbolizes the Savior's
condescension.  Then we talked about the duality of Christ.  And how
there were like, 20 or 30 wise men.  Well, we don't really KNOW that,
but he figured that if you were going to see the Messiah, you wouldn't
just go alone.  You'd take your family and friends and everything.
And that they didn't even show up until Jesus was a little older,
like, two or three, and by that point they are in a house.  So yeah,
it was super awesome.

We've had a lot of cool experiences finding by the Spirit.  It's
awesome to know that you are doing something that the Lord has
literally asked you to do.  It's been great.

I was burned by Five Guys this week.  I swear on my life I will never
eat at that place again.  A member took us there, and the things it
did to our bodies... I won't go into it.  Needless to say, I am glad
we have a washer and dryer in our apartment.

To answer a question, yes, I can read emails during the week.  I can't
respond till Monday, and that includes writing letters. So yeah, fun
fact for the day.

So story of the week: I did what is probably the most dangerous thing
I have ever done before on Tuesday.  By accident, of course.  So a
member asked us to help him clean out his barn.  As we were there, the
conversation somehow turned to fireworks.  That reminded him that he
had a room in the upper level of the barn COMPLETELY FULL OF
FIREWORKS. Ten year old fireworks.  From China.  That he had modified
by hand.  And he wanted them all downstairs.  We had prayed beforehand
and my companion and I were like, "Well, we'll just need to be
careful.  I mean, it's not like they're just going to go off on their
own, right?"  So we carried all the cardboard boxes full of fireworks
downstairs.  Soon there was just a wooden crate left, which was
labeled "Caution: Highly Explosive."  We asked the member, and he was
like "Oh, that's where I keep all of my black powder.  Whenever I
break a firework, I just pour the black powder into a ziplock baggie
and throw it in there."  Those may have been the most horrifying words
I had ever heard another human being speak.  My companion and I went
upstairs, but neither of us would touch the thing.  We decided to open
the crate and see exactly what was inside, just to be safe.  But then
we were convinced that even opening the thing would result in an
explosion, the likes of which would rival Krakatoa.  Finally, I pried
the box open and... Empty. Completely empty.  We carried the box
downstairs and when the member asked us what took so long, we told him
we were worried about the black powder.  He was like "Oh, THAT'S the
box you were talking about?"  He pointed to another box, one I had
carried down the stairs by myself. "It's THAT one."  My companion
lifted the lid off of it, and it was FULL of black powder in little
baggies.  So yeah, I pretty much almost died.  The Lord answered our
prayers, though, and I have lived to tell the tale. So yeah, that was

Other than that, things have been good.  I'm super excited to be out
here.  I have less than a year left, and it's super sad.  It's going
by really fast.  And this morning, I realized that this January would
be my last as a missionary, and I kind of freaked out.  How?  How did
this happen?  I don't know.  But yeah, I'm trying to make the most of
it, and do everything the Lord has asked me to do.  I know that if we
let Him guide us, He will make more of us than we could ever make of

Elder Jordan Morgan

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