Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Greetings from Illinois

(This is what Jordan made to scare his companion--poor companion…Also, I'm too lazy at the moment to figure out how to turn it so good luck…)

Hi family!

To answer Mom's question, I'm in the Arlington Heights 1st ward, but
we live in Palatine. You should look it up! If you got my videos,
you'll be able to see the glory of Illinois.

Things have been going great out here! We don't have any
investigators, but we have been getting s lot of referrals! That's
been awesome. Also, it's awesome to hear about mrs. Baxter! Thanks for
helping the missionaries out so much, thats fantastic.

We are in a car share now, which means that we only get the car every
other week. So it takes us forever to get to places, but i also walked
28.5 miles last week, which is great because i want to lose ten
pounds. My face is starting to change shape, and i don't like it.

Oh, so i heard the greatest joke a little bit ago:

What's a pirates favorite letter? You'd think it'd be R, but it's
actually the C.

People fall for it every time. It's fantastic.

Other than the car share, and scaring the corn out of my companion,
there hasn't been a ton of interesting things that have happened.
Apparently the Piano Guys came to our ward last year, which is pretty
crazy. I didn't know they were members, but it makes sense.

I hope everything is going well back home! Keep reading and studying
the scriptures, and have fun in the Gospel! Also, let McKay know that
the two pieces of advice that i give to every missionary are:

1. The Lord loves a working man.

2. Don't trust whitey.

It's awesome.


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