Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Does Anybody Know Candle Grove?

Hello again family!

First things first: Is Carter going to Brazil? I thought I saw
something about that on Facebook, and if so, that's awesome! He'll do
great. If not, then it's the Lord's will. He will send Carter where He
needs him to be. The Lord doesn't let His will be stopped by a couple
of bureaucrats from Brazil.

How has everyone in the family been doing? I'm super excited to hear
about people possibly getting baptized! And about you helping the
sister missionaries out!  That's awesome. Blessings come from helping
the missionaries, because they are there to represent the Lord.

Speaking of that, I loved conference this weekend! If I had to guess
what the overarching theme of this conference was, it would have to be
"Quit apostatizing." I had never made the connection that when the
apostles and the first presidency speak, it is really the Lord
speaking. So when you don't listen to them, it is the same as not
listening to Christ. That's why it makes me sad when I see members
that advocate things that the Lord has told us is wrong. Like same sex
marriage. That's the big one right now. Do people think that the
prophets are wrong? If so, they must either think that Christ is
wrong, or that the prophets do not speak for Him. Honestly, if a
member thinks that the Church is wrong about same sex marriage, then
they do not understand what a prophet is.

Sorry if that sounded harsh, but it's true. I just got done reading
the Book of Mormon, and it's kind of scary how many parallels there
are in it to our day. Like, all the parallels. How can nobody else see
it! We're heading for the same end as the Nephites and Lamanites! I
don't know. I'm just trying to do the best I can.

I'm sorry if this email sounds like I'm calling people to repentance.
That's not what I'm trying. It's not my job, because there are
missionaries in Vancouver who are assigned to do that! Our mission
president tells us all the time that one of our biggest jobs is to
call people to repentance. Lots of people don't do it, myself
included, because we're afraid of offending people. But I'm slowly
getting over it. Everyone has to repent, so it's not that big of a
deal to tell people. I loved one of the quotes from this conference:
"Scorn is guilt trying to reassure itself." It's super true.

Speaking of super true, the church is super true, and we truly have
prophets leading it today. I got that spiritual confirmation this
weekend. It's awesome to have prophets again to lead us and warn us of
the dangers that face us, and it's humbling that the Lord would still
send prophets even after all the chances He's given us already. If you
don't know that it's true, pray about it and study the scriptures.


Elder Jordan Morgan

Jordan's Mom here:  I received this FB message from the Mom of Jordan's companion. Apparently they get along great and all sorts of hilarity ensues--but Jordan likes to scare the pants off of poor Elder Judd.  Heaven help him when "the elf on the shelf" comes around...

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