Monday, July 28, 2014

Q & A

Hello again family!

I will start by answering questions that Mom has sent me.  It's tons easier to answer questions that to actually think of things to write.  I'm excited.  

[Is it hot and humid there?]

Yes.  All the time.  It's disgusting.  Every morning, walk out onto the porch, take a deep breath, and say out loud:

"Man, I am so glad I live in Vancouver, Washington."

Seriously, it's the Garden of Eden up there.  

[Are you getting along with your companion?]

Yep!  We just had transfers.  It was super sad seeing elder Sorenson go, but it was his time.  He was excited, but nervous to go home.  And it probably didn't help that I kept finding him articles about marriage in the Ensign.  

Elder Seastrand is my new companion.  He and I were actually in the same district last transfer, and we've been on exchanges before, so we get along.  He just bought a bunch of Pokemon cards today, so that was awesome.  

[How is the ward treating you?]

Pretty good.  The problem is that they had a bad missionary a couple of years back, and everyone remembers him.  So it's hard getting them to trust us.  But we have several fantastic families in the ward that are willing to do a lot to help us further the work.  

[What keeps me firm in the Gospel when I experience doubts and challenges?]

Several things.  Diligent scripture study is a big help, as well as prayer.  I also try to always remember the spiritual experiences I've had in my life.  Satan is really good at getting us to forget the things that built up our faith in the first place.  I ask God to help me remember the events in my life that have developed my testimony, and that helps a lot.  

Not much has happened this week. I got to see elder Rowley from my MTC district and talk to him about this business idea elder Klake and I had in the MTC.  He's totally on board.  Good thing we don't have to worry about that for a while, but still, exciting! 

I also figured out that Slenderman is real.  He's Cain.  It all makes sense.  

What kind of car did you get?  I want pictures!  Also, i'm working on taking more pictures, so expect some of me next week.  

I can't think of much else to say.  We have a couple of investigators that are progressing, and we're excited about them.  The biggest thing that has helped me with missionary work is genuinely caring about the people you serve.  That's a big one.  All our investigators are awesome.  

I hope everything is going well back home!  I keep thinking about Spongebob for some reason.  You should watch another episode for family home evening.  Maybe the one where he rips his pants.  Or the one where they deliver the pizza.  Or the marching band one.  Or the one where Patrick helps Spongebob pass his boating exam.  Those ones are all awesome.  

Elder Jordan Morgan

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