Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An Awesome Week!

This week has been awesome!

We have another investigator named Adrian, and he lives with a member.
One night, the member was supposed to come out with us to an
appointment that we had, but Adrian (who we hadn't even met at this
point) wasn't feeling good.  When we asked if there was anything that
we could do for them, this member suggested that we come and give
Adrian a blessing.  Then he just asked Adrian while he was on the
phone, and he said sure. Now Adrian is investigating the church and is
being baptized on the 20th of June.  He's super excited, and every
time he reads the Book of Mormon, he says that he feels a warm feeling
come over him, and that everything that he's ever worried about is
washed away.  It's awesome!  He's super cool.  That's what happened
when you make simple invitations.

We also have a few new investigators that seem super promising.  One
is eleven years old, so it's going to be awesome.  Kids are great.

Things have been good here.  It's raining a lot right now, so it
reminds me of home.  We're going to play board games today once people
show up, but right now i'm just emailing and playing the piano.  Not
at the same time, of course.

I hope everything is going well back home and that everyone is happy.
Have a great day!

Elder Jordan Morgan

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