Monday, February 2, 2015


Hi family!

So this week has been super awesome, we found a new investigator! His
name is Tim and he has a super strong faith in Christ, which is why he
invited us in. We taught the restoration (because the restoration is
awesome) and he was super eager to read the Book of Mormon. He really
liked what we were teaching, and he's also on of a job, so we got him
in touch with LDS employment services, so it's going to be awesome. We
also met a ton of people that were willing to have us back.

So that's too bad about the super bowl. Lol jk I don't care about
sports. I know enough about it to make fun of it, which drives my
companion crazy. It's super funny.

Don't worry, we totally get along. He is total white bread, though.
But we have a ton of fun. Every time we knock on a door and a he dog
ounces on it, we make jokes about Cujo, which incidentally, I totally
did not think he would get that reference. Good on him.

So we just survived the legitimate SNOWMAGEDDON. I will send pictures.
Needless to say, the first thing I did his morning for p day was
shovel miles upon miles of snow. Seriously. We had snow for days.

So that's super messed up about what's going down at evergreen. Yeah,
being a facebook missionary, we aren't in a bubble. Like, at all. I
know all about the ice bucket challenge and Ebola and deflate gate and
gamer gate. So yeah, that was going around. The important thing to
remember is that even though she has sinned, and what she did is
definitely wrong both in sight of the law and the Lord, she is our
sister and can be forgiven if she repents. We also need to remember
that the Savior didn't just suffer for our sins, he suffered for all
of our pains and afflictions. He can help all those affected by this
incident. He doesn't turn anyone away, and the Atonement can bring
peace to all those who's hearts may be failing them right now.

So we're going to the church right now for fun times. I hope everyone
has a great day today!


Elder Jordan Morgan

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